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Stebonheath Park

Capacity: 3,700 (Seats 1,000)
Penallt Road, Llanelli, SA15 1EY

Stebonheath Park is located one mile to the North East of Llanelli town centre. It is situated at the top of a hill, but even with its prominent position, it can be easy to miss, as it is partly hidden by surrounding houses. Entering the ground on Penallt Road through the car park entrance and social club side it soon becomes apparent that external appearances can be deceptive. Rather than being hemmed in by the housing estate, Stebonheath Park actually feels rather spacious. This is probably due to the oval shape that is formed by the athletics track which surrounds the pitch. Unusually the athletic is mostly only two lanes wide, with only the social club side being separated from the pitch by a four lane 100m sprint straight.


Looking across the pitch to the Bradford Street side, the Robbie James Stand takes pride of place on the pitch centre line. The stand is named after a former Llanelli player, who tragically passed away at Stebonheath Park whilst playing for the reds. It has a unique modern design with its angular roof and central gable has 700 plastic seats on a concrete deck which is raised above pitch level, with the ground floor dressing room and club offices situated below. The structure is flanked on the left and right by a tea hut and toilets which also continue the stadium design, having semi circular gables on their roofs. On the right is the Jock Stein Bar (Jock Stein played for the Club early during the 1950-51 season), which is reserved for club patrons and visiting officials.

Looking to the right, the athletics track takes a rather unusual path. Despite all the space within the ground for a football pitch the track itself is not a true oval, with space restricted at this end due to the proximity of the A484 road beyond the row of trees. The two lane track is in fact elliptical, so when balls go out of play it doesn’t take a long to retrieve them as you might think.

The same cannot be said for the track at the other end, where a full half circle athletic track and training area leads to a steep grass bank, which leads back to the corner of the social club. The social club side is essentially a former open terrace which was converted to seating to allow the club to fulfill European fixtures, which were up to then having to be played at other venues. This side is known as the Gilbert Lloyd Stand (named after a former player and manager) and has a capacity of 300 seats.